Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Street Spotting: Taste the Rainbow

Saw a man park this baby stroller, oh excuse me, dog stroller outside a shop in the Flatiron District. Let's pick apart this fashion do:
-First of all, it's a dog. In a stroller...still trying to wrap my brain around that one.
-Hair is dyed three different colors. Notice how this was artfully done to make the dog appear as though it has a Mohawk and is wearing eye makeup. 
-What is it sitting on? A 50 Shades of Pink frilly tutu?
-A sparkly gold throw pulls the whole look together nicely. 

If this was the dog, you can only imagine the owner. He was a real class act. His facial hair says it all, he sported a bushy, foot-long, grass-green beard. I'll leave it at that. The pair easily put to shame anything that even Lisa Frank could possibly imagine on an acid-fueled outing at the circus with the entire Care Bear family.
Apparently it is possible to out-rainbow Lisa Frank!
Photo credits: Lisa Frank

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