Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Abbrevs R Totes Kool

Saw this ad in the Union Square neighborhood. It's kind of hilarious how the real estate biz keeps reinventing various neighborhoods to make them sound "cool!", "sexy!", "up-and-coming!!" with the  combo nicknames. We've got Dumbo (Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass), BoCoCa (the intersection of Boerum Hill, Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens), and, for any Columbia students out there, NoCo (took me so long to figure this one out.  I'm sorry but there aren't two O's in North Campus!). The other day, one of my Wall Street Bro friends (he hates that description, but it's kinda true so he'll have to deal) invited me to a party in FiDi. I'm like, uhhh what is this FiDi you speak of?? FINANCIAL DISTRICT, DUH! Oh, okay. 
SO embarrassing! How did I not know that??
Anyway, the real estate firm behind the ad pictured above thought that they'd shorten Midtown Manhattan into MiMA. Everybody knows that midtown sucks. Like really, really sucks. I guess the marketers thought "MiMA" would attract more apartment seekers than "unbearably crowded hellhole full of tourists and jerks in business suits". Whatever, same difference.

Apparently the neighborhood rechristenings have gotten so out of control that the gov'ment wants to fine real estate agencies for inventing names sans approval. Lawlz. Gotta love bureaucracy. <3 

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