Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Sticky Situation

So, you have a shitton of hideous ACM (asbestos containing material) tile from the 1960s and want to renovate. What to do? Why not throw a carpet over it. While you're at it, use the strongest, most powerful industrial glue you can find. Decades later it will obviously be no big deal to remove this carpet and disturb the ACM tile like it ain't no thang. Holla at me mesothelioma!

Today I performed a mold inspection in the room pictured below. A very sticky, very strong carpet glue covered the tiles. Tile bits stuck to my feet with every step. If the situation didn't involve me, it probably would have been quite comical. Despite the fact that I was not properly prepared for an asbestos situation, my exposure was at least (I believe) minimal.  
What genius did this?? And why?!?
Might as well have walked through Dip à la Who Framed Roger Rabbit
"I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way"
Following the inspection, I walked almost two miles (wanted to waste as much time as possible before heading back to the office) and my shoes are still gross and covered in glue. Looks like this isn't coming off any time soon.
On the bright side, aren't my socks adorable?
Photo credits: Who Framed Roger Rabbit

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