Friday, January 10, 2014

Who Run the (Enviro Consulting) World?

Hey Bey, I think you meant to say WOMEN
Girls apparently.

My firm is pretty small. When I first started, we had approximately 55 salaried employees nationwide, with about fifteen in our NYC office. At the time, I was one of a total of two people under age thirty in the New York office, as well as one of three women performing in a non-administrative capacity. How quickly the times have changed!

My company has won (and totally rocked I might add) a number of large project bids the past few months , resulting in hiring both additional salaried as well as temporary/hourly employees. Within approximately five months, nine people have been hired and six of those new hires are young women. The three new dudes were given the least stable, most temporary of all the new positions. And yours truly has been responsible for two new hires so far, with potentially more to come. Needless to say, office dynamics have changed dramatically of late. Let's just say discussions of zumba, shoes, and chocolate in the workplace have drastically increased. Who would have thought ladiez would be taking over the lead/asbestos/industrial hygiene/environmental hazards biz? Apparently real estate and construction environmental consulting is no longer the domain of menfolk. Hey boiz, suck my big, fat moisture meter :) 
Watch out world, badass ladiez be all up in here! Oh and ps, I have not one, not two, but THREE hard hats to call my own. And TWO pairs of safety goggles. That's hot. 
Photo credits: Beyonce, Lego 


  1. Do I need a degree in Environmental Science to work at an Environmental consulting firm?

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