Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Alpaca Swag

Alpaca humor:
Alpaca #1: "Hey, wanna go on a picnic?"
Alpaca #2: "Sure, alpaca lunch!"
Any laughs? No? At least I thought it was funny...

My supervisor once received a tiny alpaca figurine as a souvenir from a friend who had vacationed in Peru. She wasn't exactly super excited by the gift--she didn't want the alpaca and gave it up for grabs. My judgmental colleagues could not appreciate the magnificence of this creature. Most made fun of the animal because, according to them, it has devil eyes.  Blasphemy. One of my work besties (I'll refer to her as Denile DaBoo) and I adopted the lonely creature. One person's devil eyes is another's BAMF eyes as I always say. The alpaca has been on many adventures and has seen various style transformations over the past few months. Currently she is rocking the waspy chic/cult leader look. Fancy necklace and a creepy, phallic hat. Perfect combo!
Don't mess
Now for your viewing pleasure, please enjoy the following alpaca photographs:
Who wouldn't want to come home to this stud every night?
Is it just me, or does this guy create an insatiable urge to hug something fluffy? WHY DON'T I HAVE ANY ALPACAS TO HUG??
hehe. drugs. hehe.
Photo credits: memegenerator.net, yetanotherbloomingblog.blogspot.com, Johann Dreo

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