Thursday, August 16, 2012

Send in the Clowns

Saw these charming glass sculptures at an apartment in Flushing. A true connoisseur of taste, the resident had also decorated her bedroom with a fairly large quantity of stuffed animals. 

Although our styles may differ, her bathroom had me blue, I mean green, I mean blue with envy. It featured a vintage under-the-sea motif and was (accidentally?) very kitschy-chic. The room was decked out entirely in blue including blue seashell wallpaper, blue floor tiles, and my favorite part, a matching blue toilet and sink. As someone who self-describes her style as "bored 1950s housewife", I was in my element. One day I too will have my own monochromatic pastel bathroom... once I'm finally a real bored housewife!
A girl can dream...

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