Thursday, August 9, 2012

Two Guys, a Girl, and a Mold Problem

Yesterday I performed an inspection for a lovely couple on the Upper East Side. The couple was a pair of gay men roughly around 75 years old. Unfortunately I had to sit through the usual hour and a half of them talking about all their health problems and water damage and ways in which the building management has screwed them over. Nevertheless, the couple was really cool. They were avid travelers and had a lot of stories of adventures abroad. One of them looked pretty familiar...Was he an actor?? They were also fellow Jews so we had fun talking about Israel. At the end of the inspection, they profusely complimented my mad mold skills and fabulous charm (who wouldn't?). They even told me that they'd love to have me come over again, this time, you know, socially. If that doesn't sound like a fun-filled hang out sesh, I don't know what does.
Does this make me the rubber ducky?
Photo credits: Sesame Street

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