Saturday, September 8, 2012

Death of a Mold Girl

Greetings! Pardon my absence from the interweb. I've had some complaints that I haven't updated my blog enough lately. So nice to know that I have such an eager audience! <3 In my defense, the wireless at my house has been on the fritz for the past two+ weeks and shockingly enough, lately I've been spending most workdays actually working! Yeah, I can hardly believe it either. 
You love me, you really love me!
Just an FYI, I bite people that I really like :)
Whenever anyone leaves my office to move onto bigger and better things, they ceremoniously give away their most prized work possessions. Lately I've been on the receiving end of several such gifts. A colleague of mine with whom I've had a rather rough history, surprised me on his last day with the following gift:
To be the remnants of a LMFAO band member after a tragic but epic oops-I-fell-into-a-tiger/poisonous-snake-pit accident, or not to be. That IS the question.
...And then there were two.
Most people might find this gift disturbing, but I was surprised and touched. My colleague most certainly was drunk at the time of the gifting, and possibly under the influence of other substances as well, but nevertheless I appreciated the gesture. Despite our differences, we share similar senses of humor. I was honored by the olive branch of a styrofoam skull wearing pink star-shaped sunglasses. Now my alpaca can be a true mountain goat!
First conquer this skull, then the world!
Photo Credits:,, LMFAO

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