Thursday, November 29, 2012

'Tis the Season

Yup, it's that time of year again. The act of cramming that last bite of pumpkin pie down America's throat to conclude yet another uncomfortably bloating Thanksgiving meal signifies one thing — it's Christmas time bitches! That means Christmas sweaters, Christmas cookies, Christmas decorations, and especially Christmas music in your face, everywhere, at all times. 
Most utterly painful Christmas song ever? Survey says: Wham's "Last Christmas"
For those of you unfamiliar with NYC winters, you many wonder how New Yorkers obtain Christmas trees given that nobody owns a car and there certainly are no magical sleigh rides to Santa's Christmas tree forest. One must purchase their Christmas tree at a stand found at various street corners throughout the city. Last year I saw so many tree stands on the Upper West Side, that I counted one every two to four blocks. Redic. Anyway, this is the case only if you live in Manhattan. In other boroughs, residents are not so lucky. The tree lots are much fewer and farther between. 
Christmas tree shopping, aka the annual arboreal mass murder frenzy
On the subway today it was quite hilarious to see that one family decided to purchase and haul their Christmas tree from Chelsea all the way to Crown Heights. Did I mention that this very robust and bushy tree was seven feet tall? After witnessing this, let me tell you this is no easy feat! The family was so adorable. Everybody on the train came over to comment. The dad was clearly mortified with all the attention while the mom and daughter were lapping up the compliments. *Note to all the menz out there: follow this guy's example and keep your ladies happy!* 

One woman could not get over this train-traveling tree. She was so blown away that she laughed hysterically for approximately ten straight minutes. Apparently she really, really, REALLY loves Christmas and even had to take a picture as documentation. This woman indicated the shopping bag in her hand and mentioned that she had just purchased decorations for her own tree. As she was leaving the train, she goes over to the family and generously hands over her bag of ornaments. This is why I love New York. Whoever thinks we're all a bunch of jerks obviously doesn't know this town! 
And what happened then? Well in New York they say, that this random act of kindness made our hearts grow three sizes that day!
Despite how mortified I am to admit this (I am a serious anti-belieber, and for that matter not too keen on Mariah Carey either) I will leave you with one of my absolute favorite Christmas songs. Feel free to judge. Happy challah-days everyone :)
Let's count, how many times can Mariah Carey sing over the shoulder in order to flaunt her aging ass in 4 min. 14 sec.?

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