Thursday, November 29, 2012


Hey, anybody interested in picking up an STD or two in the South Bronx? Lucky for you, I know a place! Today I was in the charming industrial warehouse district of the Bronx neighborhood Hunt's Point. I've heard stories about this particular area (come sundown it's hooker heaven), and was bit concerned for my personal safety. Fortunately things were not that bad. I did run into a couple of junkies and saw a few more scrubs than usual, but other than that everything was fine. Today's job site was a rather disgusting warehouse that was conveniently located adjacent to the "King of Clubs NYC Upscale Gentlemen's Club". Nothing says upscale like excessive amounts of barbed wire.
This place meets all my needs: I can sell my excess pellet crates (red sign) and lust after some sexi ladiez all at the same  convenient location!

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