Thursday, January 10, 2013

This Sure Beats My Mac's Photo Booth

Hey, random guy!
Let's take a trip down memory lane. Travel back to around 2006 when Facebook was just taking off. At one point or another, almost every Facebook "friend" posted a completely narcissistic solo photo album of themselves using their laptop's photo booth application. One of the more popular special effects was the thermal cam option. Guys, I need to call you out real quick and put your "thermal" photos to shame. 
"Yo, Taylor. I'm real happy for you, Imma let you finish, but The Mold Girl had one of the best thermal cams of all time!"
At my office, I am given the very special privilege of being the "Lord of the Thermographic Camera". That's a real job title, check my business card. And our thermal cam is a real thermal cam. Like costing over 1,000 bucks real. The gun allows me to see what's going on behind surfaces when I feel like my handheld moisture meter just isn't cutting it. Wet areas register as colder than those that are dry. Unfortunately I don't whip it out as often as I'd like (that's what he said!) because the camera is a lot heavier and bigger than my moisture meter, and I worry about breaking such an expensive piece of equipment. But you know what we do DO with the infrared gun? Have office photo shoots of course! Below is just a fraction of what we've done while "working". Enjoy!
Shockingly this coworker is Latina
How crazy is this -  when you take an infrared photograph of a window, the window reflects the heat radiating from your body and projects it back at you as an image. The reflected image is of course invisible to the human eye and is significantly blurrier. But way creepy/cool, right? That's an action shot reflection of me above. Or, bear with me, food for thought moment, maybe I'm performing a mold inspection in a parallel universe and I am the reflection?? 
How hot are you??

Photo credits:, MTV 

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