Sunday, January 13, 2013

Stop, Drop, and Roll

Uh oh, Heather Graham! Breaking news: Bathroom candles spark blazing fire in Heather Graham's Manhattan penthouse. Guess who's been in that exact penthouse? And for that matter, that exact bathtub?? Mmhmm. Answer is me. Unfortunately I did not have a chance to take a candlelit bath during my visit. And very fortunately I did not set any fires either. I had no idea Zach Braff lived in the same building. I'm hoping that the sprinklers went off and caused a whole bunch of water damage  so that Heather's "people" will have to bring me back. Who knows, maybe I'll end up reenacting some Scrubs scenes with Zach and Heather!
Who's ready to play Doctor?
Photo Credits: Scrubs

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