Sunday, January 13, 2013

Going Up?

Okay, so I haven't met any overly enthusiastic floor-counting Transylvanians per se, but it is uncanny how realistic the rest of this video clip is. No joke, EVERYONE in the superintendent/doorman/elevator operator/handyman biz is Albanian. And if they're not Albanian, they're Romanian. Pretty much all the same thing, right (I know a certain Albanian, excuse me, a Montenegrin,  who would stroke out if she heard that statement, but I'm gonna leave it)? At least they all end in -ania. To this day, I have not met an Albanian or Romanian (or Transylvanian) who didn't love to talk. ...And talk, and talk. I have shot the shit with more than one -anian superintendent for at least a solid half hour after a job  was finished. One guy learned I am Jewish, and subsequently recommended about five different documentaries about Albanians + Jews + the Holocaust. Another lamented with me over how much we both hate artificial chemicals and ingredients. A third shared with me his passion for antiques. It goes on...You get the drift, they are certainly an enthusiastic bunch!
Especially for blood :)
Photo credits: Sesame Street, Dracula

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