Saturday, March 23, 2013

PSA: Death to the Fist Bump

Being in the construction/real estate/environmental biz, I work along side a number of field technicians, a position held most commonly by men. It's been an interesting experience adjusting to Bro Culture, although I probably force them to adjust to me more than anything - let's just say there are a lot of conversations focused on the importance of crafternoons, brunch, and color blocking. Anyway, I have two male coworkers that are near and dear to my heart, although I've come to realize that they both have a problem. A fist bump problem. The first has been referenced on several occasions and virtually goes by Porkchop. The other has also helped me with several projects and will therefore be known as Pork Chop II.
Porkchop I
Pork Chop II
I'd say approximately six to eight times a day, both Porkchop I and Pork Chop II will come over to my desk and silently stand there with an expectant fist hanging in the air waiting for me to complete the pound and subsequent pound explosion. Sometimes Pork Chop II will mix it up and throw in an, "MG! What's Gucci?!". I've told them that the pounds have got to stop. I need put my foot (my fist?) down - they're totally devaluing the power of the pound. Alas, my complaints have gone unheeded. The battle of the bump reached a pinnacle last week when I announced in an exasperated, tragically carrying tone that, if they like pounding so much, they should just pound each other. #OhGodNotAnotherMeetingWithHR  

And side note, because I love learning and sharing knowledge, check out what I found! A piece of hard-hitting journalism from Time Magazine: A Brief History of the Fist Bump. Can't wait to show Porkchop I and Pork Chop II this post Monday morning :)

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  1. Hey MG, why you gotta hate on the fist bump? Give me one good reason you're protesting the quarter pounder, and I'll lay off. Until then, I think you're obligated to give P Chops I and II their fist action.