Friday, March 15, 2013

Hot Dog Friday

Today a colleague of mine decided that it would be "Hot Dog Friday". To my own demise, I didn't read her email sent earlier this week regarding the no-occasion occasion. I had assumed Hot Dog Friday wouldn't be a big deal. I thought we'd have just straight up hot dogs for lunch, not a full blown party or anything. Wrong-o. People went all out with bringing in dishes. We had basically every kind of hot dog/burger combo imaginable - regular hot dogs, veggie dogs, spicy chicken sausages, burgers, veggie burgers, turkey burgers, soylent green burgers (kidding!). Burgers and dogs galore. And this is an office of roughly 15 people. Don't ask me how, but all meat and meat substitutes were consumed by the end of the day. When it comes to eating, we go hard.

Additionally, the sister of my Hot-Dog-Friday-inventor coworker is a professional baker (check her out!!  Fun Cakes & More). She's been temping at my company the past few weeks (unfortunately the cake biz gets slow this time of year). Anyway, so she brought in a SHITTON of baked goods for this shindig. And her stuff is no joke - you just can't not eat it. I've sampled her wares on several occasions and I can tell you that it's way too good to resist. 

As I type this, I feel pretty disgusting. I won't even tell you how much sugar I consumed today because I'm not in the mood for your virtual judgmental stare. But ugh, now I really need to go to a GOOP-inspired, anorexic rich bitch  "wellness retreat" or something. But hey, calories don't count on a holiday, amirite?! Happy Hot Dog Friday y'all!!
Tres leches cupcakes - gurlfren' is KNOWN for these babies
Passion fruit, raspberry, and dulce de leche cupcakes
Cake pops! And funky glasses that I was told were purchased specifically with yours truly in mind :)
Best part? Now my skull can do an outfit change!
Those old pink shutter glasses were *so* Kanye circa 2009
Photo credits:, Crif Dogs 

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