Friday, October 25, 2013

Evironmental Newz

As some of you may have noticed, it's been a hot second since my last blog post. That would be because my office has been working CRAZY hours the past month to complete a massive three-part project for Hurricane Sandy relief. Not kidding, two weeks ago i worked TWELVE! hours on SATURDAY and NINETEEN!!!!!! hours SUNDAY! I started work at 8:30 am and left at 3:30 am the next day. I invented my own emoticon to express how that weekend made me feel. See if you can guess the emotion I'm trying to convey:
T---   ~  ~  ~    X-(
If it isn't inherently obvious to you (although I have no idea why that would be) you are staring at a gun on the left, a bullet zooming through the air in the middle, and a dead person lying in a pool of blood on the right. I'll admit, maybe not the best emoticon ever, but whatever, I'm sure that it'll catch on. Anyway, I know those kind of hours are considered a normal work week for all my investment banker friends, but seriously, how can anyone do this to themselves on the reg? I barely made it through myself, I will admit to several mental breakdowns throughout that weekend. Fortunately my hours have returned to normal, although not so for some of my colleagues. People are definitely starting to crack (I can hear my supervisor singing manically as I type).
Unfortunately many are still experiencing Sandy's wrath
Anyway, I saw this article on the New York Times website the other day. It's a heartbreaking piece about those whose lives were forever changed by the storm, and subtly references the project in which my office has been tirelessly contributing. We've been putting together detailed and time consuming Environmental Site Assessment reports (ESAs) for home owners interested in government subsidized programs to buy or remediate their damaged properties. The woman in this article chose the buy-out option. Our reports help the gov'ment understand potential environmental concerns associated with each property. #helping Check it out, it's worth a read!

(Oh god, now my supervisor is speaking in depth about his "wacky jacket". He seriously needs to get some sleep!)

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