Friday, October 25, 2013


Halloween is the best holiday. My birthday is two days afterward (*bro chin nod* what up All Souls Day!) and growing up, I always claimed Halloween as the theme of my birthday parties.

So you know how ugly Christmas sweater soirĂ©es have become all the rage the past few years? Well sadly, I do not own any ugly Christmas sweaters. What I DO own is an ugly Halloween sweater! I had completely forgotten about this until my mom randomly brought it up, but a misguided relative once gave me the sweater picture below as a gift when I was 14. Can you imagine any 14 year old wanting to wear this? Fuck no. Back then I was mortified by the very idea. But can you imagine any 24 year old wanting to wear this (ironically, duh!)? FUCK YES! I dug up the old sweater from  my parent's basement and have been sporting it proudly at work the past two weeks. I am the epitome of professionalism. Check it out
The beaded spider! (I took this picture later in the day while wearing the sweater, so that's actually also a close up of my boob. hehe)
And the worst, I mean best, I mean worst part -  the fringe!

To add to my ridiculousness, one of my coworkers brought me a gift for my outfit. She had been out costume shopping for her kids (insert joke from Big D about how immature I am here) and stumbled across a pair of spider web earrings. She couldn't resist buying them for me. The earrings and sweater combined = no words, just pure perfection. 

Matching spider web earrings LIKE A BOSS
In the spirit of Halloween, I would like to inform you all that this year I am going to be a ballerina (a slutty ballerina, obvs)! Please enjoy the inspiration and cuteness of dogs in ballerina costumes below. Happy Halloween!!


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