Friday, January 25, 2013

Flower Friday

The next morning I also found the tiki beer cozy in my purse. Oops?
I am the unofficial party planner of my office. Coworkers count on me to schedule happy hour hang out seshes as well as find k00l bars. Being the high class bitch that I am, I refuse to go anywhere sans a decent cocktail menu. This past hump day, several colleagues and I patroned the Trailer Park Lounge, hoping to forget this bitter winter by sipping on some summery tiki cocktails. The next day I was describing the experience to my supervisor and told her about the awesome hibiscus flower that garnished my drink. Jokingly I said that maybe I'd wear it the following day. My supervisor loved the idea, so I turned the joke into reality - Friday would be Flower Friday and everyone would be required to incorporate flowers into their outfit, or else they'd be fired. Some (all) coworkers were not amused.  
I just wanted to turn my office into a bunch of sassy Chiquita Bananas! Werk it girl!
As expected, absolutely nobody except for me wore anything flower themed today. Regardless, I was pleasantly surprised that my supervisor bought a few bouquets of (fake) (lame!) flowers at the dollar store. Next week we're doing Flower Friday Part II, and I'll come to work bearing flowers for everybody. Get ready for fun :)

Photo credits: Chiquita Banana

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