Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Who's up for a Swim?

"Where's the finish line??" ;)
Yesterday I visited one of my favorite "regular" buildings. It's my favorite for several reasons - it's ultra modern and chic, it's close to my office, and most importantly, the superintendent is an excellent source of entertainment. He's an unintentionally hilarious Irishman who more than lives up to the old stereotype in the cursing department (hey mom, if you think I drop the F bomb too much, you haven't heard fucking anything! Yeah, I know I'll pay for that later...). I've described him and his unique character in a previous post (see the paragraph above Albert Einstein). On this particular occasion, I inspected an apartment that was used as a professional art gallery. Above is a piece that was on display during my visit. It is called something like, "Speeding Sperm Spoons". The piece was straight-up made of spoons bent in the shape of sperm. Interested? You can buy this puppy for a cool 15 grand. 

The gallery also featured several pieces composed entirely of bottle caps (I was dumb and didn't take any pictures of these. Sorry, my B.).The bottle caps were mounted on metal sheets and arranged in large circles and/or stacked on top of one another. Nothing too fancy or elaborate, just very simple and minimalistic. These pieces were listed for between 10 and 18 thousand dollars. The super informed me that the owner had recently sold a large piece of cardboard that had been repeatedly stabbed with a pencil and painted solid black in the same price range. If I was into this kind of art, I'd probably just want to make it myself - you get to do the fun parts (ie stabbing!) and spend almost nothing. To each their own I suppose. 

...I've made bottle cap magnets before...Think it's time for a career change?

Photo credits: To check out these awesome Dia de los Muertos magnets, click here :)

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